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Planning for EVs in New Developments

Are new residential and commercial developments planning for EVs? In most cases, the answer is no!

Tasmanian fast charging network rapidly expanding

Tasmanian fast charging network rapidly expanding

Just five years ago, a visit by a Tesla-driving motoring journalist to Tasmania ended in failure, after the lack of fast chargers cut the trip short. Today, the situation has certainly improved for the better. Check out where and when you'll be able to tour Tassie in your EV!

"Hands off our cars, warmists!"

This is the second article in a six-part series dealing with policies to encourage EV uptake in Australia. This article deals with the unsuccessful attempt to introduce fuel efficiency standards in 2017, in order to reduce CO2 emissions from petrol and diesel cars.

Electric bikes - the ultimate hybrid!

Electric bikes - the ultimate hybrid!

Emma Wynne found out just how practical and fun an electric bike can be!

Thoughts on the 2019 Nissan Leaf

AEVA Member Dave Southgate offers some observations and reflections on the new Nissan Leaf. Dave is a long time Nissan Leaf owner who swapped over from the Gen 1 to the Gen 2 Leaf in August 2019.

Electric vehicles: the policies - and the politics

This is Part 1 in a series of six articles which will recount the author's personal experience during the past six years in engaging with policies to encourage the uptake of EVs in Australia. This first part deals largely with the Low Emission Vehicle Strategy of the ACT Government, released in 2014.

EV greenhouse emissions declining with greening of the grid

Now into its third iteration, this analysis is done 5-yearly. It was first developed in 2012 and published in edition 120 of ReNew magazine. (July-Sept 2012). Most recent version using the 2021 National Greenhouse Emissions Factors tables came out in ReNew edition 159. (Apr-Jun 2022).

Sourcing ethical cobalt: EV manufacturers begin work to stop child and environmental exploitation

Cobalt's dirty secret, and how manufacturers are trying to clean up their act. First published on, November 22nd 2019.

COVID-19 and AEVA Meetings

  Dear AEVA members and friends, In light of recent developments with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent public health crisis, please note the following: AEVA is advising all branches to cancel any ‘physical member meetings’ they have planned for the remainder of March and April. Consideration should be given to conducting ‘member meetings’ via video link as is already done in some states. The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance and all Branch Chair’s should ensure the AEVA in their region is following government guidelines. As you know the situation is moving rapidly and we are monitoring this situation closely and will communicate any changes to this decision with you as new information arises. If you have any questions, please contact one of the executive, or use the contact form on this site. Cheers Chris …