About us

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) LTD is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the cause of switching Australia's transport networks to electric drive as quickly as possible.  We all share a common interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and EV technology.  Formed after the oil price shocks of 1973, the AEVA is the longest continuously running EV society in the world.  

Our purpose is to provide a forum for social and technical communication in the EV field, create greater awareness of EVs and encourage their use, to foster further research and development in EV technology, and to be an official source of information on EVs in Australia.

For many decades the only way to access an electric vehicle was to build or convert your own.  The AEVA played a leading role in the establishment of national guidelines for electric vehicle modifications (NCOP14) and continues to advice DIY builders and registered training organisations alike.  Since the late 2000's, commercially available electric cars and bikes have been trickling into Australia.  We represent all EV users and enthusiasts, and are more than happy to offer jargon-free advice on which EV is right for you.  We also make regular submissions to government and industry about policies which will help transition to electric drive, and away from imported fossil fuels for transport.

The Association

After many decades as an incorporated association, in July 2022, the AEVA became a public company limited by guarantee to better reflect the national role we play in advancing electromobility. We are still structured as a federation of state-based branches, but the board, better known to us as the national council, manages the association's national presence and direction. Directors are elected by their branches and normally serve for three years. 

Branches are where the AEVA does it's best - and everybody is welcome!  No need to own an EV or even be a member, although we still encourage you to join.  Visit the 'Branches' tab above and find your nearest EV community.  

Media contacts

As a national body, we have members in each state and territory who are keen to field any questions for radio, television and print media.

NSW: Michael Day - 0419 986 801

ACT: Darryl Bourke - 0408 264 393

VIC: Rick Molloy - 0407 228 189

​TAS: Clive Attwater - 0439 941 934

SA: Sally Knight - 0420 898 628

NT: Hunter Murray (Alice Springs) 08 89523411- Richard Smith (Darwin) - 0401 110 198

WA: Chris Jones  - 0418 908 002

QLD: Leslie Smith - 0401 250 624


AEVA YouTube channel

Please subscribe to the AEVA YouTube channel where we post videos on EVs and electric mobility.