Saturday, October 28 2023

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 midnight
Multi-day Event
Social Activity

Thinking about driving across to Perth for the Workshop, Conference, AGM and EV Expo? Well you're not alone! And that's a bit of a problem...

With almost 100,000 EVs on Australias roads expected by November, we are likely to see good numbers of EV owners keen to drive across to Perth for the AEVA's annual conference and 50th Annual General Meeting. Given the constraints on charging power across the Nullarbor, AEVA has set up a registry of members keen to make the trip. With a bit of planning, we can ensure your trip is an enjoyable adventure, and not the next headline.

Perth is often described as the most isolated capital city in the world, however Honolulu truly holds that record. It's definitely a long way from the east coast, but West Australians prefer to think of themselves as being closer to the rest of the world. Either way, it's a long drive across some fairly sparse landscapes, and if you're going to do it in an EV, you'd better channel your inner Glen George cause it's not as easy as we'd like it to be.

DC fast chargers are a rare sight on the Eyre Highway, but with a bit of planning and some generous efforts from AEVA members, we're confident there will be enough charging options to accommodate plenty of travellers.

That's why we have set up this registry for AEVA members keen to make the drive across to Perth for the EV Expo and AGM. With good co-ordination and plenty of notice, it will be possible to ensure as many travellers can make the trip without too much hassle. A combination of AC and DC charging equipment will be deployed at roadhouses and civic centres along the way. Best of all, several farm stays and retreats are willing to host a tangle of EV drivers for overnight stops. Camp kitchens and fun times around the fire are a welcome respite from the endless white lines.

This article here explains all the tips and tricks for planning a successful EV road trip, but for now, we're keen to get a handle on numbers and dates, so please register your interest by clicking on RSVP and providing some details. We'll be in touch before too long.


12 AM - 11:59 PM
Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 midnight
Multi-day Event
Special Event

The Hobart show is over for another year!  AEVA had over a dozen new EVs on display including the new BYD Dolphin and MG4.  Others included BYD Atto 3, Cupra Born, Audi eTron 55, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and 6, Kia EV6, MG ZS, Tesla Model 3, Y and X and a JAC truck. 
A huge shout out to Mikey, John, Ian and Sondra, Helen and John, Peter Dawborn, Aurelien, Midj and the Tesla team for helping out on the AEVA stand and spreading the EV grin!  
We had well over 1500 people through the stand over the 3 days of the show.  Lots of great conversations were had, happy grinning kids getting their beach buggy drive in a Tesla, toddlers dancing to light shows and, most satisfying, lots of reassured people now ready to make the shift.  
People really appreciated being able to see such a broad range of EVs in one place and to be able to talk to independent owners about their real-world experience of owning an EV.
Thanks also to the dealer community in TAS. An extra shout out to Michael Correa from JMC who is always the first to step up and Mark Davis and the Tesla crew who even flew in Huss, the Tesla Australia Southern region manager to help us out.


2 PM - 4 PM
Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 2 p.m.

The ACT Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association presents this hands-on course for new and prospective EV owners. The course provides a basic introduction to owning, driving and charging an EV.

Course outline

  • EV basics: the similarities and differences between EVs and internal combustion engine cars
  • Charging your EV: for travel around Canberra
  • Charging your EV: for distance touring
  • The EV driving experience (noise, acceleration, regenerative breaking, charging apps, charging etiquette)

At the end of the course please join us for an optional "hands-on charging experience” in the local area to see exactly how to fast charge an EV.