Beyond EV Pty Ltd

Beyond EV is dedicated to delivering comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to various stakeholders, including local governments, public lands, universities, commercial entities, and residential properties. These solutions include the electrification of fleets, community battery systems, and AI-powered software interfaces to improve the efficiency and reliability of EV charging and energy storage infrastructure, supporting the decarbonisation of industries and communities.

Implementing the "Smart Real-Time Green Charging Management System for Fleet Electrification" it enables our clients to have advanced, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions to clients transitioning to electric vehicle fleets. This solution allows to read of real-time data from BESS and the main distribution board and then communicate with chargers to allow an even and fully autonomous distribution of the power load among Building and charging sessions. This solution with any AC and DC chargers from various manufacturers provides a fleet with multiple brands and manufacturers over time, being completely future-proof.


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