Directories are used for advertisements.  They can be paid or free, and can expire or be perpetual.

Only certain members can add Directories.  Contact the membership secretary if you'd like to do this.

  • Using the Tendenci menu bar: 
  • Choose Apps → Content → Directories (or go to: /directories/)
  • This changes the Tendenci menu to add a Directories section on the right hand side. Choose Directories → Add Directory.
  • Add the name of the business/organisation.
  • Fill in the Summary section, this is what will appear on the branch or home pages. 
  • Fill in the Description section, this is what appears when you click on a Directory.  A picture is recommended, and you can put in links, videos etc.  You can paste from a Word document if you like.
  • Add a logo.  The best dimension is 300 wide x 250 high pixels.
  • Add a tag for the branch that the member belongs to.  The Directory will appear on that branch page.  More than one tag means more than one page.
  • You can enter an activation date if that is applicable, the Directory will not be visible until then.
  • Enter the contact details and social media links where applicable.
  • Click Add Directory to create your Directory. You’ll be taken to a view of the finished Directory.  Check to make sure it appears on the branch page as required.