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EVNews 240 now out!

EVNews 240 now out!

64 page bumper 'iso' edition of EVNews now released. Includes: Update on the Australian and World markets New EV model news; How to maximise the DC advantage when EV traveling; The possible futures for DC charging; Member conversion reports .... and MUCH more! Go to Resources/EVNews newsletter to download your copy today!

Austroads looks closely into decarbonisation of road transport

Di Elliffe reviews the Austroads webinar (available online) on how Australia's transport industry might achieve decarbonisation.

Planning for EVs in New Developments

Are new residential and commercial developments planning for EVs? In most cases, the answer is no!

Tasmanian fast charging network rapidly expanding

Tasmanian fast charging network rapidly expanding

Just five years ago, a visit by a Tesla-driving motoring journalist to Tasmania ended in failure, after the lack of fast chargers cut the trip short. Today, the situation has certainly improved for the better. Check out where and when you'll be able to tour Tassie in your EV!

AEVA Victoria member update-Jun-2020

Announcement: online Victorian EV owners research forum, June 10th at 7pm. (Usual AEVA Vic. monthly meeting date and time). Hi all, I am pleased to announce that we are experimenting with a form of meeting this month! Our usual meeting time this month will be taken up with a research focus group for Victorian EV owners, run by a university research group on behalf of the Victorian Government. To join in the session - you will need to contact Hugo Temby (via the email link below) to get the Zoom meeting details. I will certainly be there to participate in and introduce the session - hoping as many of you too can join in to share your EV experiences and assist the Victorian Government  shape a practical EV rollout policy. By the way, Hugo has also kindly offered to assist …

"Hands off our cars, warmists!"

This is the second article in a six-part series dealing with policies to encourage EV uptake in Australia. This article deals with the unsuccessful attempt to introduce fuel efficiency standards in 2017, in order to reduce CO2 emissions from petrol and diesel cars.

Electric bikes - the ultimate hybrid!

Electric bikes - the ultimate hybrid!

Emma Wynne found out just how practical and fun an electric bike can be!

Some thoughts on fuel cell (hydrogen) vehicles

The author explains why he is sceptical of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) as the future mass market solution that battery EVs are already well on the way to becoming.

Thoughts on the 2019 Nissan Leaf

AEVA Member Dave Southgate offers some observations and reflections on the new Nissan Leaf. Dave is a long time Nissan Leaf owner who swapped over from the Gen 1 to the Gen 2 Leaf in August 2019.

AEVA at Agfest in the Cloud

Agfest has moved to the cloud, and AEVA Tas is there! We'll be giving online presentations during May.