Important News

A representative of Solar Victoria has made contact to alert us that, as part of the Victorian budget cuts, the $3000 subsidy for EVs costing less than $68,740 will cease on June 30th 2023. Buyers signing a contract with an authorised dealer before then will receive the subsidy even if delivery is after June 30th. There are still about 2000 subsidies available.


Vic Branch Statement

The AEVA Victoria Branch are shocked and disappointed by the recent decision of the Andrews Labor Government to end the $3000 subsidy for new electric vehicle (EV) purchases. We feel this is a regressive move which now makes it more difficult for drivers to switch to electric. AEVA Victoria Branch would like to see consistent incentives in place to help decarbonise transport and reap the environmental, health and economic benefits that EVs offer.

Victoria is the only state in the country with an active disincentive to EV adoption in the form of the unpopular ZLEV Charge Act. This ‘EV tax” has effectively made every road in Australia a toll road – but only for Victorian electric vehicle drivers.

We urge the Andrews Labor Government to reconsider their position, and to align their policies with other states and territories. Victoria and Australia need a consistent, fair and functional approach to EV adoption.