Statement concerning the war against Ukraine and the use of fossil fuels

8 May 2022

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) has released the following statement.  AEVA represents over 1000 individual members who seek to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to electric transport.  AEVA is also a member of the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance (GEVA), which comprises EV driver associations in nearly 40 countries, and our statement accords with a similar statement released by GEVA on 4 May 2022.

The war in Ukraine is a catastrophic human tragedy.  AEVA joins with many other community organisations in opposing the unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country and in deploring the many murders of Ukrainian civilians.

There is a fossil fuel aspect to this conflict, in two senses.

First, Putin’s war against Ukraine is being sustained by Russian exports of oil and gas.  This is not the first time that fossil fuel exports have funded violent conflicts.

Second, reliance on fossil fuels is complicating Europe’s ability to strengthen the sanctions which are needed to counter Russia’s aggression.  The European Union has now realised that it must end its dependence on fossil fuel imports from Russia.

One part of ending this dependence must involve a move away from petrol and diesel vehicles.  Like it or not, the continued use of internal combustion vehicles is weakening the security of these European countries.  Electric transport, relying on an energy source which is locally produced, possesses obvious security advantages in this context.

AEVA asserts that all countries must confront the national security imperative to eliminate their demand for petroleum by accelerating the shift to electric transport.  Australia is not an exception to this.  AEVA urges the Australian Government to develop policies which will accelerate the move away from fossil fuels in the transport sector.

Our national security will be enhanced by greatly improved fuel security.



Dr Chris Jones, President

Australian Electric Vehicle Association