The reduction of registration and stamp duty fees for plug-in electric vehicles in the Northern Territory came into effect on 1 July 2022.

On the same date, applications opened for the Territory Government Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential and Business) Grant Scheme.

Stamp duty and registration fees

The stamp duty payable on the purchase of an EV will be reduced during the next five years, ending on 30 June 2027.

Stamp duty is currently calculated at 3% of vehicle purchase price. This incentive means that no stamp duty will be paid on up to $50,000 of the purchase price, representing a saving of up to $1,500.

In addition, the registration component of the registration fee for EVs will be waived for 5 years representing an annual saving of $91.

For more information please visit the NT Registration Fees page.

EV Charger Grant Scheme

The NT Government has committed $300,000 to the Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential and Business) Grant Scheme.

The Scheme includes 100 residential grants of $1,000 and 80 business grants of $2,500.

The grants are for the purchase and installation EV chargers, by the owners of electric vehicles (proof of NT registered EV is required).

For more information please visit the Grants Scheme page

To learn more about the NT Government’s Electric vehicle strategy and implementation plan please visit the NT EV Strategy page.

Note: The above information was based on a media release which was not fact-checked by AEVA.  One of our members (Noddy Gay) has reported: 'In fact the NT Government Motor Vehicle Registration website says "stamp duty concession of up to $1,500 for vehicles valued up to $50,000. Vehicles valued over $50,000 do not qualify". After delivery costs to NT etc I am not aware of any current new vehicles except maybe the MG that qualify'.