300 AEVA members responded to our national EV policy survey, which was open from 30 May to 13 June 2023.  Respondents were asked to consult this policy discussion paper, and rank the 18 policy areas according to their own assessment of the relative importance of these areas.

Each policy area was assigned a score from highest to lowest.

The chart above shows the results.

The highest scoring area with an average of 15 points per response, was "Emissions standards" (to require suppliers to provide low emission vehicles).

In second place with an average of 13 points per response, was "Public charging" (including taking advice from AEVA on public charging needs).

Tied in third place, with an average of 11 points per response, were "Electric mass transit" (government investment in electric passenger bus and rail) and "Home charging" (including financial support for retrofitting apartment buildings".

The next step will be to undertake a second survey, focussing on the individual policy statements associated with the highest scoring areas.


In responding to the survey, AEVA members also provided more than 100 comments on policy and advocacy matters.  These comments will be used to prepare a new edition of that paper.


The Board thanks all those members who took part in the survey.