Directory Information Form


All Business/Organisation members are entitled to an advertisement ("Directory") on the AEVA website.  Use this form to provide information so that we can make your directory

Your directory will appear on the directories page here.  Directories are presented in summary form, and you can click through to the full directory.

Your directory will also appear at the bottom of your branch page (see the branches menu above).  Four directories appear in a random allocation, so if you don't see yours you can refresh the page.

Required fields are shown with an asterisk, all other fields are optional.
The main description (shown when someone clicks on the summary) can include pictures and simple formatting. You might like to include links, pictures etc. to make your page stand out. Compose your page in a word processor and attach the file.  For complex formatting you can send us a screenshot and we can dispaly it as a picture.  For example you could take a screenshot from Publisher or from your website.