AEVA Webinar: An introduction to Fellten with Chris Hazell and Dave Budge

Dec. 6, 2022




Zero EV Co-founder and CEO, and now CEO of Fellten, Chris Hazell, and Jaunt Motors Co-founder and CEO, and now Chief Design Officer of Fellten, Dave Budge will be joining us to discuss the future of their new global company, Fellten.

Fellten (Welsh for lightning) is a global electric conversion systems manufacturer creating solutions for car owners and car workshops to convert traditional petrol and diesel cars into electric vehicles. Fellten has engineered systems for a variety of classic brands and models, starting with Porsche 911s, Classic Minis, and Land Rover Series and Defenders.

Fellten’s global team of automotive and electrical engineers, software developers, designers, and trainers is comprised of Jaunt Motors and Zero EV team members all working under the Fellten banner, can provide automotive experts, and mechanics and electric vehicle converters with the technology, tools and training to be a part of the growing global demand for electrification.

Have questions for the Fellten team? Please submit them to or via our social channels and the team will do their best to make sure they're answered. There will also be a Q&A as part of the event.
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Speaker: Chris Hazell
Speaker Chris Hazell

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Date and Time

Tue, Dec. 6, 2022

8 p.m. - 9 p.m.