Sunday, September 24 2023

Friday, Sep 22, 2023 midnight
Multi-day Event
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AEVA Vic Branch were exhibitors at the inaugural Melbourne EV Show (MEVS) over three days from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September 2023. Bryan Drummond's converted MGTF was on display and attracted much interest.



A team of over 20 Vic Branch Committee plus extra Vic member volunteers were kept busy throughout the event. Team Vic AEVA did a fantastic job - explaining to the general public the AEVA purpose, answering questions, making new connections, and providing people with access to educational resources. The AEVA exhibit was very well received and highly regarded. It was apparent that AEVA's independent, non-commercial, non-profit and volunteer base set us apart from the crowd. Vic Branch looks forward to adding our unique value to MEVS in 2024 and beyond. Many thanks to all rostered volunteers - a great team effort! Extra special thanks to Peter, Rick and Bryan for making it happen!






Press Release


10 AM - 1 PM
Sunday, Sep 24, 2023 10 a.m.
Projects & Special …

The Queensland branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association is proud to present:

The Electric Vehicle Experience 2023.

Our Association exists to promote the adoption of Electric Vehicles and to provide the community with clear and contemporary advice.

The AEVA QLD Branch believes the best way to help the community is by hosting an event that:

  • gathers a large number of local EV owners and allows the public to ask questions about their real work experiences
  • showcases EV businesses specialising in emobilty, aftermarket accessories and charging solutions
  • displays as many different EV makes and models as possible
  • has EV conversions and EV conversion businesses on hand
  • allows test rides of electric cars

There are very few EV events in Australia with such a strong focus on community engagement and vehicle focus. The 2021 and 2022 events had a fantastic turn out from both owners and the public.

If you are intested in participating as a stall holder, owner with EV on display or test ride driver, you can register your interest here:

If you would like to register to attend as a visitor, you can mark yourself as 'going' here:
LinkedIn: Cleveland EV Experience

If you have any other questions relating to the event, then please email me:

I look forward to seeing you at the Redland Showgrounds, Long Street, Cleveland on the 24th September 2023 to discuss all things EV.

See you there!


Jon Day

Chairman - AEVA QLD Branch