Friday, September 9 2022

Friday, Sep 9, 2022 midnight
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World EV Day celebrates Sustainable Mobility around the world !

About this event

Join us to showcase Perth's many and varied electric vehicles and help build a sustainable transport future in WA !

World EV Day is a global movement of EV owners, now in it's 3rd year. In 2022, Targa West Events and the City of Perth are making Forrest Place available for EV owners to celebrate EV ownership in WA.

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Friday, Sep 9, 2022 9:30 a.m.
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Friday 9 September is World EV day and AEVA ACT will be holding a small celebration.  We will meet for morning tea (or brunch) at the Arboretum Cafe at 9.30am.

We are also planning to issue a media release to note the progress being made on EV take-up in the ACT, and in Australia.

Join us at the Arboretum if you can!