UWA Hyundai Getz

Vehicle specifications:

Vehicle: 2008 Hyundai Getz, 5sp Manual, 5-seater

Builder: UWA REV students

Motor: Advanced DC FB1-4001A 9.1 Series Wound DC

Power: 40 kW

Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601, 96-144 Volt 500 Amp

Battery: 144 V, 90 Ah LFP 3.2V 90 Ah 270A, EV-Power BMS

Charging: Zivan NG3 Battery Charger (6 hour charge)

Accessories: Electric vacuum pump, electric power steering pump, PTC electric heating element, electric motor turning AC compressor unit, Eyebot data aquisition and instrumentation.

Range: 80 km with a top speed of125 km/h

Kerb Weight: 1160 kg (identical to petrol car)


The UWA Renewable Energy Vehicle team converted a 2008 Hyundai Getz to electric drive in 2008. The project was completely student-led under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Braunl.

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