Malcolm Reeson's BMW 318

Vehicle Specifications:

Vehicle: 1986 BMW 318 Baur Cabriolet
Converted: 2010
Owner: Malcolm Reeson
Builder: Malcolm Reeson/EV Works
Battery: 42 kWh 45 x 300 Ahr LiFePO4 cells 150V
Motor: Advanced DC FB4001 Motor
Controller: ZEVA MC1000 (Perth made)
Charging: 2 kW onboard charger (any 240V plug in Perth!). Charges at 5% per hour (~8km/hr)
Kerb weight: 1200 kg (~50kg above stock)
Driving range: 200+ km
Total cost: $25,000 including car

The original batteries were re-deployed as a solar home storage unit, which seems a fitting returement after 12 years of service! The new battery is the same weight, and almost double the original capacity!


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