Benzina Zero

Benzina Zero electric mopeds and scooters offer a low-impact solution for your urban commute.

Will electric suit my lifestyle?

We have designed our mopeds and scooters to be configured to our rider community. That means they’re built with convenient charging and with a light powerpack, you can plug anywhere, anytime.

So, whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or travelling to the beach, you know you’re riding a high-quality, reliable moped or scooter with zero emissions.

What licence do I need?

Licensing rules vary from state-to-state. 

In NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT you require a rider licence for all models. Whereas, in most other states and territories you can ride on a car licence providing that the vehicle is speed limited to 'Moped' speed of 50km/h. Otherwise it is considered a motorcycle.

The city and duo models are designed just for that.

What are the battery cells?

Benzina Zero only use the best LG and Samsung technology to power your ride.

Tips for charging & long term storage tips?

You can charge your Benzina Zero in any standard 240v house socket. Either take the Powerpack out to charge indoors, or charge directly from wall-to-socket.  

We recommend recharging by 10% for greatest performance. If you’re heading out of town or storing your bike for a long period, the PowerPack charge must be stored between 60 to 80%. You should never store Benzina Zero Powerpacks at 0%.

How many hours can I ride the bike?

The riding time depends on various factors, in particular, individual riding style, route characteristics, load and outside temperature.

We conduct testing based on city riding with the average speed of 45km/h.

Another way to look at it is that the average commute in Australia is 14 kilometres, so depending on the powertrain setup, you could expect to recharge between every few days to a week.

What is the warranty?

All Benzina Zero models have a 24-month, 10,000km warranty.

What are the service requirements for my Benzina Zero bike?

Your scooter is due for a service every 5,000kms.