The Website Workers Group (WWG) is an informal group of people who volunteer to keep the AEVA website running.

The group meets every week on a Sunday evening via Skype, with people dropping in when they have something to ask or something to contribute.  There is no set agenda, the group will talk about whatever is on the minds of the people who turn up.
The group is formed of AEVA members from all over the country.  Ideally there would be representatives from each branch, although this is not always the case. 

Have an event coming up?  Maybe running a conference?  The WWG can help your branch with webpage-related stuff!  We sometimes take a while to get to it, but given enough notice we can:

  • Create a landing page for your event.
  • Create linked pages (About, Contact, Sponsors etc.).
  • Give your landing page an AEVA URL (e.g. or
  • Arrange a non-AEVA URL to be purchased for you to use (e.g.
  • Create email addresses (e.g.
  • Set up ticketing, including limiting numbers (e.g. for COVID or venue limits).
  • Set up to sell tickets, including discounts for AEVA members.
  • Teach one or more of your committee members how to update your pages (it's not too hard).
  • Email your event registrants automatically.
  • Other things that we haven't thought of yet!

A rule of thumb with Website stuff is that anything is possible, but some things are much easier than others.  If you have an idea, feel free to drop in on one of our meetings to discuss it.

Meetings are at 7:30pm Eastern Time, almost every Sunday.  If you'd like to drop in you'd be most welcome!  Ask our webmaster for the Skype link:, or you can email the group using this address: