I live just five kilometres from my office, and I had been wanting to get into riding my bike to work for ages, but the hassle of packing a set of clothes and then showering and changing in the office kept putting me off. Every day I would wake up and not quite have the energy to do it that day, and head off to the train or drive instead.

Eventually a friend told me about her electric bike and how easy it make riding to work and I was intrigued. I thought about it for a few months then decided to go ahead and have my bike converted. I was surprised about how easy it was, it was ready a few days after I dropped it off and I can hardly see the battery on the back or any of the cabling.

The newly-electric bike was an instant success. All I had to do was put my handbag in the basket, my helmet on and jump on the bike in my work clothes, letting the motor do the work on the hills and avoiding working up a sweat. I loved the feeling of flying on and it made my commute so much quicker, and more fun. I love the freedom of being able to go door-to-door in about 15 minutes, without sitting in traffic or waiting on a train timetable. Bikes also park free in my office building.

It’s a great way to start and end my work day, and I cycle in all weathers now, rain or 39C heat — I might avoid actual hail. I do find I get a lot of surprised looks on the bike paths. As my bike is a vintage style with a basket and I’m wearing work clothes, to other cyclists I don’t look likely to go very fast and there’s often a look of consternation when I breeze past on a gruelling hill.

Since I’ve got the bike so many people have asked me about it, and often say they like the idea of being able to ride to work without working up a sweat. The ebike has also been fantastic during the coronavirus lockdown. I’m working from home at the moment but it’s been wonderful having the bike at the end of the day to escape the house and go for a spin around the river.