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AEVA Tasmania Branch


Know your EV Workshops

Want to buy an EV and don't know where to start?
Bought an EV and struggling?
Just interested in the technology?
This two hour workshop is a great introduction to the world of electric vehicles.  We cover:

  • How to charge your EV
  • Where to find charging stations
  • What to look for when purchasing an EV
  • as well as answer questions about range, batteries, and other aspects of understanding EV technology.

The workshops also include a practical demonstration of EV charging at a nearby EV charging station.

Follow this link for a list of upcoming workshops in Tasmania.



Our meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of every 2nd month (odd-numbered months), mostly in Hobart, but we do get to Launceston and the North West at least once a year.  If you are not local to a meeting we encourage you to join via Zoom.

Dates, times and location details can be found here: Tas Events

For minutes of previous meetings, click here:  Minutes File Search

We hope to see you at a meeting soon!



Map of DC Fast Chargers in Tasmania - [updated regularly]

List of Equipment that Members may Borrow


Conversions Groups

AEVA Tas has two mailing lists for people interested in converting vehicles to electric; one for people based around Launceston, and one for people based around Hobart

The groups are made of AEVA members and non-members, meeting occasionally to work on various projects.  Email the secretary if you'd like to be added to one or both of the conversion group email lists, to receive information specific to this topic:


Branch Information

Our branch committee are:

Chairperson: Jon Ettershank
Treasurer: Nathan Bourke
Secretary: Christopher Walkden
Director: Jon Ettershank
General Committee Members: John Casimaty, Julie Hargreaves, Charles Gregory, John Fast, Mikey Harriss, Clive Attwater, Penny Cocker


Interested in joining AEVA?

To join the AEVA, click on the membership menu above and fill in the details.  Once a member you'll get regular email updates.

To be put on our mailing list for non-members please click here



Media contact: Clive Attwater 0439 941 934

For more information please contact our chairperson Jon Ettershank: or our secretary Christopher Walkden:

Visit our Branch Facebook Group for local news and discussion.