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Electric vehicle charging Fact Sheets

If you are looking for where to begin in your EV charging journey - you have found the right place!

Here you will find a series of Fact Sheets on what to consider when installing an EV charger (EVSE), where and how to charge an EV, a simplified guide to how quickly you can charge depending on the electrical outlet ... and much more!

The majority of these sheets have been written by Bryce Gaton and are based on his more than 12 years real-life EV driving experience. The material here is collated from the public lectures, articles, EV Education material and reports produced by Bryce through his EV Consultancy, Sunwise Solar.

If you find any typos or errors in the sheets – email Bryce at

Charging types explained  
What does it cost to charge an EV?  
What are the types of charger?  
Is there a standard charging plug?  
Using DC fast-chargers.  
Installing EV charging at home  
Installing EV charging in units and high rise developments  
How fast can I charge?