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All you need to know about DIY EV conversions

The AEVA has been helping Australians convert cars to electric drive for almost 50 years. As a basic primer, this Introduction to EV conversions article covers the basics. The Geelong sub-branch has curated a great list of suppliers for EV conversion parts, while we have linked AS5732:2022 - Electric vehicle operations, maintenance and repair standard for your reference. Don't forget, the National Code of Practice for EV conversions, NCOP14 is the go-to standard for a safe and reliable conversion. An EV conversion is not for the timid, but with careful planning and an eye for detail, you too can build your own!

EV Album is the global reporitory of EV conversions, but for Australian, and AEVA member-based conversions, check out the vehicles below.

Do you have an EV conversion you'd like listed?  Fill in this form to post your project!