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Vic Branch welcomes Ombudsman's report into 'unfair' running of Vic EV tax

The Victorian Branch of AEVA welcomes and supports Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass’ investigative report tabled in parliament on Wednesday 27th September 2023. The report highlights many of the complaints and frustrations Victorian electric vehicle (EV) drivers have been struggling with for the last two years.

Since the introduction of the ‘world’s worst EV policy’ there have been 188 complaints to the Department of Transport and Planning, 30 complaints made to Ombudsman’s office, and a High Court hearing challenging the constitutional validity of the tax (decision pending).

"Whether or not its validity is successfully challenged, this legislation is being administered unfairly," Ms Glass said. "This needs to change."

Vic Branch warn all other State policy makers to learn the lessons and not repeat the mistakes of the Victorian government. As the report says: “…thousands of people have been affected by the charge since it came into effect in 2021, many of them unfairly…there are broader lessons for the public sector about the dangers of making policy on the run (or not making it at all), and the importance of exercising discretion.”

Vic Branch AEVA urge the Victorian State government with new leadership from premier Jacinta Allan to implement the Ombudsman’s recommendations.


Link to Ombudsman’s Report here:


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