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Transform your electric vehicle into any type you want just like lego with XBUS


Do you want to buy a very reasonably priced delivery van for your work, but also want to use the vehicle as a dedicated camper with a sink, cooker, etc on the weekends? No problem buy the XBUS platform with the delivery truck module and also buy the camper module that you can stow in your garage and swap over on the weekend. No special equipment is required.


Do you have a lot of rubbish to take to the tip? But do not want to buy a third module, no problem go to the nearest XBUS dealership have the tip tray module fitted that you just rent for the day. In fact, there are 10 modules in all to choose from. Just like the Lego you can plug and drive with various modules: Tipper, Box, Universal, Pick up, Open, Camper, Freedom, and more.

The XBUS is built with a super-efficient in-hub motor in each wheel and is extremely light at around 600 kg and made from 98% recyclable composite materials. The XBUS averages 7.5 kWh per 100 km so can travel around 150 km on the standard 10 kwh battery + another 200 km from the solar roof. If that is not enough range you can add a 30 kwh battery option that should give you a 450-500 km range plus another 200 km from the solar roof.

The XBUS is brought to by Electric Brands and if you are in the EU you can go to their website ( and order one now. Deliveries are expected in Q3 2022. They then are planning to launch in the Asia Pacific and internationally sometime in 2023.