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Greens EV policy grabs attention in ACT election

On 4 September the ACT Greens announced their policy to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in the ACT.   The policy includes the creation of a $50 million fund to provide individuals and businesses with a contribution of $10,000 towards buying an electric car or motorbike.

The plan includes providing a $50 million fund with which to provide financial incentives to accelerate the adoption of private and commercial transport.

And it includes the goal of EVs reaching 90% of new vehicle sales in the ACT by 2030.

The Greens also want to see public transport, garbage trucks, taxi and rideshare vehicles transition entirely to electric vehicles by 2035.

The Greens policy was discussed at the AEVA ACT meeting on 7 September.

It was clarified that the financial incentive of up to $10,000 for the purchase of a zero-emission vehicle would be divided equally between a grant and an interest free loan. The incentive would apply to all zero emission vehicles, including used EVs, but not to vehicles priced above $60,000.  There would be a separate incentive scheme for e-bikes – a 50% discount.  Plug-in hybrid vehicles are out of scope.

The implication is that if a Canberra resident purchased a used EV costing $20,000 (say, by importing it) that resident would have to find only $10,000 up-front, and would immediately benefit from the much lower running costs of an EV compared to an ICE vehicle.

It is believed that vehicle conversions would be eligible if there is a sale of the converted vehicle, but there would be no financial support to undertake a conversion.

The ACT election will be held on 17 October.