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AEVA ACT calls for EV incentives

Following the ACT election outcome, the ACT Branch of AEVA has called on ACT Labor to adopt the ACT Greens' proposals for electric vehicle incentives.

“Our members have already purchased electric vehicles without incentives” the Chair of AEVA ACT (Edward Eom) commented. “But we want EVs to become much more affordable for most Canberrans.  A Labor/Greens ACT Government could achieve that by adopting the proposals of the ACT Greens”.

The Policy Co-ordinator for AEVA ACT (Peter Campbell) commented: “A shift to EVs would have the twin benefits of lowering greenhouse emissions from the transport sector (currently the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT) and lowering other emissions that are harmful to public health. International experience has shown that incentives of the sort proposed by the Greens are the most effective policy to drive a more rapid uptake of electric vehicles”.

The full text of the Media Release can be found here.