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ACE Electric Vehicles trials demonstrates how EVs can earn revenue for owners

Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicles Group (ACE EV Group) is launching a world-first advanced grid energy management trial in South Australia.

This a result of a Federal Government Grant to ACE EV Group, joined by technology development partners Optus, Discovery Energy, Watt & Well and SenSen. The 12-month trial – called the Advanced Australian Vehicle to Grid (AAV2G) – will look at bidirectional vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging to find energy cost savings and efficiencies for vehicle drivers as well as electrical grid operators.

“We are on the threshold of a new energy era in Australia” said managing director of ACE EV Group Greg McGarvie. We are exploring how the EV battery can be used to offset everyday energy costs and how the utilisation of this new EV solution can create more reliable access to affordable clean energy.”

Senator Rex Patrick’s strong advocacy for Electric Vehicles and advanced manufacturing in South Australia, was instrumental in assisting ACE EV Group secure the $5million grant for the technology trial.

Senator Rex Patrick said, "I am pleased that after months of lobbying the Federal Government to support establishing an Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in Adelaide's northern suburbs, the Government listened. The Facility will see vehicle manufacturing brought back to SA for the first time in three years since the closure of the Holden factory in 2017."

ACE EV Group will use a small part of the $5million federal grant to help establish an EV manufacturing facility, underpinning the Government’s goals of technological solutions for reducing pollution, carbon loads and fighting climate change.

The ACE EV can also be used as a direct power source for work tools or power in emergency situations. The 2021 trial will demonstrate how the Series 4 ACE EV, can be plugged into most power points without the need of a specialised outlet.

“We’ve selected strategic technology partners, to help accelerate Australia as a leader in Electric Vehicles Manufacturing, in particular Mobile Energy Management Systems and as an exporter of Smart Packs (rapid assembly EV packs),” said McGarvie.

Optus is the first Telco to support ACE electric vehicles in Australia. Optus engineers are engaged in weekly global team meetings, advancing the AAV2G process. Providing cyber secure communications for energy management as well as a simple transaction processes for EV owners.

Discover Energy, bring a new dimension to owning an electric vehicle. Along with ACE EV Group, their software engineers and technicians are working to develop energy trading opportunities for electric vehicles owners, that lower energy and vehicle running costs.

Speaking of the collaboration between Discover Energy and ACE EV, Anson Zhang, Co-founder of Discover Energy said: "As an early pioneer and local leader in virtual power plants (VPP) we've helped households across Australia harness the potential of their solar and battery systems to say farewell to costly bills and hello to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our latest collaboration with ACE EV will take this a step further. This V2G solution will financially reward eco-conscious Aussies by allowing them to trade surplus energy back to the grid while their car is parked at home. Whether it's at home or on the road, when it comes to sustainable energy, we're quite literally giving the power back to the people."

ACE EV Group announced its partnership with SenSen last year and has been working with the leading AI and machine learning enterprise to develop vehicle-specific technologies that support navigation and safe driving.

“This bold initiative expands the role of EVs beyond the road and highlights EVs as a simple solution as more consumers look to alternative, sustainable mobility options,” said SenSen’s Director of Smart City Solutions for Australia and New Zealand. “We applaud ACE EV Group in leveraging local expertise to design a completely Australian-lead initiative and elevate EVs as we know them today.”

SAPN (South Australia Power Networks) is willing to make available skilled personnel to participate in a project reference group or similar, to provide advice from a distribution network perspective.

Watt & Well are ACE EV Group’s high-level technology partner, they are involved with developing power systems for space vehicles and applying this to power management solutions.

"Watt & Well France is thrilled to be part of this industrial adventure.  We share with ACE EV the vision that bidirectional charging will offer great possibilities for the future, as the car will transport people, goods and environmentally friendly energy down the road. As a pioneer, Watt & Well considers ACE EV's project a great opportunity to change the game in the Automotive-Energy ecosystem. It is a great project with fantastic potential!"

Later this year 15 Series 4 ACE Transformers will be assembled at Tonsley Innovation District, by  Aldom Electric Vehicle Manufacturers. The purpose-built vehicles will demonstrate mobile energy management capabilities with grid resilience services and home energy security during power outages.

“Australia is not the easiest country to set up business in,” said Greg, “however we are on the cusp of setting up a manufacturing facility in 2022”.

ACE EV Group is led in by an Australian team, supported by advanced technology partners out of California, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Taiwan.

ACE EV Group is positioning globally with its Australian developed MEMS Technology (Mobile Energy Management Systems). “Another Wi-Fi moment in the making”. (Wi-Fi was an Australian invention out of the CSIRO).

ACE EV Group - developing opportunities for electric vehicles manufacturing in Australia.


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