Perth - All About EVs Workshop

All About EVs Workshop

For 13 years Electrikhana was an opportunity for the WA branch of AEVA to put people in the front seat of an electric vehicle (quite literally). Now that most dealerships have their latest electric cars, motorcycles and e-bikes available for test-drives, the need for a dedicated test-drive day is reduced. 

But the knowledge gap that exists between prospective or new EV owners and those of us who are well familiar with the technology remains. So this year, Electrikhana will be replaced by a series of workshops held at the Canning River Eco Education Centre, on the banks of Djarlgarro Beelier (Canning River).

We'll have talks in the centre on which EVs are available and what they're capable of, where to charge, how to charge, the enormous health and environmental benefits of reducing our transport impacts, and of course for the keen, how to convert vehicles to electric drive.

Presentations, show-and-tells, demonstrations and more will be on offer from 11 am to 4 pm at the Canning River Eco Education Centre.

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Full agenda:


Samphie Room (20 seats only)

11:00 am - The economics of EV ownership; ICE versus EV. Speaker: Nigel Farrier, AEVA, TOCWA.

11:30 am - DIY Electric Vehicle Conversions; where to start, and how to finish. Speaker: Malcolm Reeson, AEVA.

12:00 pm - The Electric Fuso; an electric workhorse conversion (on display). Speaker: Jon Edwards, AEVA.

12:30 pm - Lunch break; chance to explore display vehicles and chargers.

1:00 pm - The mortality of carbon pollution; a killer in plain sight. Speaker: Ben Rose, AEVA.

1:30 pm - Electric bicycles and e-scooters; the cheapest EV you can buy. Speaker TBC.

2:00 pm - Electric motorcycles; the silent rush! Speaker: Michael den Brok

2:30 pm - Battery upgrades on old EVs; new life and great value! Speaker: Brian Mollan and Bruce Armstrong, AEVA.

3:00 pm - EV Batteries; too valuable to waste! Speaker: Chris Jones, AEVA.

3:30 pm - New EV? Lets set it up how you want it! Speakers: Several TBC.

4:00 pm - Close

Melaleuca Room (60 seats only)

1:00 pm - Welcome and Introduction to the AEVA; advocacy for the EV end-user. Speaker: Chris Jones, AEVA.

1:30 pm - Second hand EVs; what to look for when buying used / Novated leasing and salary sacrifice options. Speakers: Ant Day, AEVA; Esko Laanesaar CD Dodd Group.

2:00 pm - Charging your EV at home and on the road. Speaker: Alex Foster, AEVA, Fosters Services.

2:30 pm - The WA EV Network; powered by Synergy and Horizon Power. Speakers: Sandra Giry, Synergy; Anthony Martin, Horizon Power.

3:00 pm - What EV should I buy, and when? Speaker: Chris Johnson, AEVA, TOCA.

3:30 pm - Long distance road trips in an EV; planning for adventure! Speaker: Sarah White, AEVA, TOCWA.

4:00 pm - Close

Location: Canning River Eco Education Centre
Kent St and Queens Park Road
Cannington , WA 6107

Date: April 20, 2024, 11 a.m. - April 20, 2024, 4 p.m.