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Victorian Parliament EV Inquiry



AEVA Victorian Branch makes submission to the Victorian Senate inquiry on electric vehicles.

The Victorian Parliament’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee has commenced an inquiry into electric vehicles with a call for public submissions.  The inquiry will conclude in mid to late 2018

In October 2017 the Victorian branch committee made a submission to the Victorian Senate Inquiry on Electric Vehicles.

In Brief; the Terms of reference the submission addressed were;

The potential benefits of widespread uptake of electric vehicles in Victoria to the environment.

The regulatory and other options for supporting the uptake of privately owned electric vehicles

Applicability of electric vehicles in public transport bus fleets and public sector fleets

Options for supporting the manufacture and assembly of electric vehicles in Victoria.

Unfortunately the terms of reference did not include the economic benefits of the uptake of electric vehicles for which a particularly strong case can be made, but we included them anyway just in case it was mere oversight by those framing the boundaries of the inquiry.

The AEVA contribution which contains 24 recommendations for the committee to consider  and the numerous others submitted can be viewed on the Parliament of Victoria website at:

The final report can be accessed at



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