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Sydney Branch Meeting

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 - 7:30pm
Second Wednesday of every second month. 7:30pm Baulkham Hills Sports Club,11 Renown Rd. Baulkham Hills. Several members gather for dinner and drinks prior to meeting. Contact: Mark Roberts, 0412 588 802


Due to State of Origin the Sydney Branch meeting will be held on Wednesday June 8th

Castl Hill Taven is no longer available to us. This meeting will be at the Baulkham Hills Sports Club, at 11 Renown Rd Baulkham Hills. Everything else is the same.

3 October 2018
Baulkham Hills Sports Club

1. Welcome by David Hiley (Vice Chairman) standing in for Greg Partridge (Chairman)

2. Attendance Book circulated
3. Apologies from Greg Partridge
4. Minutes tabled from previous branch AGM on 1st August 2018

5. Treasurers Report:- We have had a good couple of months. $1000 received from Randwick city council for our support during the Eco Fair. Less expenses, etc. Now have $5463.36 in the bank.

6. Event Reports
Eco-living Expo at Randwick on Sun Sep 16. Vehicles: BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Hyundi Kona, Tesla Model S and X, and a Fonzarelli Motorcycle. Sally’s Tesla X performed “The Drance” many times, and was well received. Event was fully supported by lots of AEVA people, large crowds, and we were busy all day. The focus of the event was eco living, but electric cars play an important part in that. Crowd estimate of 6 to 8 Thousand. This looks like the preferred model for AEVA support in future

Hunter Valley EV Show in conjunction with “The Greater Hunter Makers and Technology Fetival”, at the Newcastle Jocky club on Sat 22 Sep. Vehicles were BMW i3, Hyundi Kona and Nexo (Hydrogen), 5 x Teslas X and S, and a Catavolt Motorbike. Sally’s Tesla X did “The Dance” again and was well received. The Teslas also gave passenger rides. AEVA reps were Sally Jaron and the Lamonts.

Norwest Smart City Festival at Belavista farm on Sunday 23 Sep (the Next day). Vehicles were BMW i3, Tesla X and S, with Sally’s Tesla X doing the dance again to an appreciative audience. AEVA rep were Sally and John August. in

7. Coming Events
National AGM 9-11th November in Brisbane. In three parts, the conference – mostly speakers; The Brisbane convention Centre – presentations, and cars on show; and the AGM stuff happening with the Go-kart race.

Newcastle V8 Race 23-25 November. Should be very big. We are able to set up 6-8 spots. We have no track presence. Spectator laps are possible. David is working on scheduling activities – in 4 hour slots. TOCA will be present to with 4-5 Teslas. Test rides are a possibility 10am to 2pm type window.

Christmas Party. Ideas were aired. Wayne was suggested as the best possibility at his facility at Amaroo park. Last year we had it there with some BYO and also AEVA funded stuff. We need to make a decision next branch meeting in December.

17 October Fonzarelli requested to make a presentation at their place in Redfern. We agreed to organise.

Woywoy event Sunday 14 October, Mark Taylor will see if he can support.

Nissan to make an announcement tomorrow 4 October. Expected to be the New Leaf.

8. Break- Raffle Tickets

9. Alice Springs event supported by AEVA and TOCA Richard McNeal presented, John August, Greg Partridge was with Richard in Tessie, Clive, Two Guys from NT. Plenty of 3 phase available. Trying to get enough members to create a NT AEVA chapter. Participated in many events, in particular the “Surf Rescue” which we won. We spoke to the Mayor. Richard and Greg had lots of adventures on the journey. John also had lots of drama because of the structure of the outback roads, which shredded 2 of his tyres.

10. Members current projects.
Bruno, showed his small battery which is made from 18650s without solder or spotwelding. He uses it to charge his cell phone.

11. Mark Roberts talked about his perception of the Renault Zoe. Battery capacity was really, really good. It doesn’t like Teslas single phase destination charger. Three phase is OK. Normal Single phase Type-2 are OK. Compared to the Leaf – performance is a little down on the Leaf. Appointments are slightly lower than the Leaf. Recommended for a look by anyone thinking of buying an OEM EV.

12. Michael Day talked about his impressions of the Fonzarelli Scooter. Vespa style, 72V system. Top speed used was 72Kph. It was quite light, but great for around town low speed stuff. Multiple battery configs. One or two batteries at once. Charging on and off the bike.

13. Senate committee hearings last Thursday – Greg presented in Brisbane, with various state branches making presentations too. Sen Carr asked pointed questions about Australian participation in EV manufacturing.

14. Vic government just gave One Million dollars to chargefox for their new charging network

15. EVs in Carpark-

Meeting closed Next Meeting 5 December 2018

The plan for branch meetings is:

Where: 11 Renown Rd Baulkham Hills

Who: Mark Roberts AEVA NSW (branch Secretary) 0412 588 803

When: Start at 7:30pm on the following dates

Wednesday, 13th February

Wednesday, 10th April

Wednesday, 12th June

Wednesday 14th, August

Wednesday, 9th October

Wednesday, 11th December



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