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Riversimple Electric Car and Business Model

Riversimple Electric Car


Riversimple electric car:  This is a very interesting concept - and the vehicle is a brilliant design with wheel motors / e-brakes that give a very high braking charge back to the accumulators (which make up to 80% of the cars battery storage in use).

4 wheel drive and electric braking with mechanical emergency backup. Hyper efficient with fuel cells (maybe batteries optional for Oz.?) - light weight and low power storage (11 hp) with the acceleration boost from the accumulators.

I will contact Riversimple to find out about Oz distribution /production plans, and if I can slot myself in there somewhere. I am applying for a grant from DEWLP's Climate Change Fund Grant Scheme to build a prototype light electric three wheeler and the Riversimple design and Corporate Model is breathtaking.

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