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E-Station Pty. Ltd. (Balcatta, WA)


E-station was set up in Australia in 2009. Our aim is to serve the emerging Electric Vehicle market in Australia by providing low cost plug in charge points to cities, local councils and private operators. Our belief is that the EV market will require low cost infrastructure to ensure its viability and offer a level of convenience to drivers that encourages uptake of electric vehicles.

Apart from the issues surrounding emissions and climate change, EVs will lead to better quality air in all our cities and reduce the significant health costs incurred by our current petrol based fleet. From a strategic point of view it is imperative that Australia reduces its dependence on the worlds diminishing oil reserves and is not caught with an escalating import bill as the cost of oil rapidly increases due to peak oil.

From an economic perspective it is essential that Australia changes to a vehicle fleet that improves health outcomes, reduces reliance on foreign oil and is powered by local clean energy.

The infrastructure must be in place to facilitate a smooth transition to a new transport future. It is our mission to encourage the early adoption of the charge point network.