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Australian Greens Party new policy

The Australian Greens party have thrown down the Gauntlet on policy to support uptake of electric vehicles. Details below

​The question is, given the boost in the polls recorded by the Liberal party after Minister Frydenberg came out in support of sustainable transport, will the major parties consider more progressive policies in this area.

Or even just push through the belated reforms and necessary update to light vehicle emissions regulations before the next federal election? Or will they pick up the gauntlet and just slap the Australian public around the face with it?

Greens pre-election policy release on 13th March 2018

The Greens policy has five main elements:

·         Set emissions standards for new petrol and diesel cars in line with American and European regulations

·         Set mandatory targets for electric vehicles sales, via a cap-and-trade system with car manufacturers

·         Eliminate tariffs, stamp duty and GST on new electric car sales to make them more affordable, plus three years of free car registration

·         Increase the luxury car tax from 33 per cent to 50 per cent (levied on the value of a car above $65,000).

·         Establish a $150m fund to help expand the network of charging stations for electric cars

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars would be banned from 2030, under a proposal by the Greens to get more electric cars on the roads.



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