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AEVA's submission to the Vehicle Emission Standards Draft Regulatory Impact Statement

The AEVA recently made a submission to the Australian Government's draft regulatory impact statement (RIS) on changes to the way vehicle emissions are regulated and implemented.  Please find the media release linked below for circulation - 

Press release 24 May 2017.doc

The AEVA firmly believes that vehicle emission regulations should be strengthened wherever possible, while enabling the rapid switch to electrified transport should be encouraged through a number of initiatives.  Critically, the AEVA believes that the Australian Government should seek to ensure that by 2025, all new passenger vehicles sold in Australia should be plug-in vehicles.  We also suggest that a 1 cent per kilometre levy be applied to all new vehicles after 2018, while retaining the current petrol excise.  This will ensure revenue for road infrastructure continues, while creating a disincentive to drive an internal combustion engine vehicles.  The levy can be increased over the coming decade to reflect the current fuel excise take (currently about 4 cents per kilometre).

The AEVA's submission can be found here:

AEVA LVE Submission 2017.pdf

While the RIS document can be found here:

If you have any questions or would like further information on this submission, please contact

Kind regards,

Chris Jones, AEVA National Secretary

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