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AEVA's recent submissions to inquiries

State and federal governments have been busy asking for submissions to various enquiries concerning transport, safety standards, road rules and emissions, and the AEVA has responsed to many of them.  Most recently, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) convened a meeting concerning Demand Response Management (DRM) equipment on the nation's electricity grids.  Of particular interest to us was the proposed mandatory DRM for electric vehicle chargers, and the ability to disconnect a charging vehicle should grid demand begin to exceed generation.  The AEVA opposed the proposal as offered, particularly as a protocol already exists with most EVSEs (Open Charge Point Protocol) which does this.  Moreover, EVs are a highly discretionary load.  Unlike an air conditioner which must be run when it's hot, coinciding with peak demand, an EV can be charged at a time of convenience for the driver.  Indeed, it is this quality which makes them a valuable contributor to grid stabilisation.  EVs will add to total electricity demand on the grid, but the need to over-build the infrastructure is often exaggerated.  Our full response can be found here:

AEVA Submission to Demand Response Sep 2019.pdf

The National Transport Commission released their 13th Australian Road Rules Amendment Package for consultation, and it included a section on signage relating to EV parking and charging.  Standardisation around signage is important, and while it may seem pedantic, subtle differences can make a big difference - for example, a sign depicting an EV with a plug might imply EVs may park in a spot, regardless of whether or not its charging.  As more and more EVs hit the roads, we can expect some friction over who can park and charge in a particular spot.  Our response can be found here:

AEVA Submission to 13th Australian Road Rules Amendments.pdf

Finally, the Transport Infrastructure Council ran a survey of stakeholders, seeking input on the uptake of Zero and Low Emission Vehicles.  The survey, hosted by the Queensland government Department of Transport and Main Roads, was wide ranging and comprehensive.  It asked participants to respond and prioritise matters according to need and urgency.  The AEVA's response can be found here:

AEVA LZEV Working group Qld submission questionnare.pdf

Several more state government policy inquiries are in the works, so if you have the time, experience and inclination to help us with our submissions, please get in touch -

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