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AEVA submission to the Australian Government Productivity Commission

The AEVA recently contributed to the Productivity Commission (PC) discussion paper titled "Increasing Australia's Future Prosperity".  The discussion paper and terms of reference can be found on the PC website by following this link: while the AEVA submission can be found here:

AEVA submission to PC 2016.pdf

The AEVA firmly believes that transitioning Australia's private small vehicle fleet to electric drive powered by renewable energy, will see a massive improvement in the national terms of trade, improved air quality, lower carbon dioxide emissions and generally higher standards of living in our cities.  Moreover, the application of second-life EV batteries to home energy storage will further stabilise the electricity grid, harness more usable renewable energy and reduce the need for additional generating capacity to be built into the National Electricity Market.

For any enquiries about the discussion paper and the AEVA's submission, feel free to contact the AEVA National Secretary, Dr Chris Jones, on



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