Hello [firstname],

The AEVA WA branch will be holding our usual Monthly meeting at UWA and on Zoom ( link below ) on Tuesday night.

However this time, we are inviting all AEVA members to join us because on the agenda will be Jon Edwards, giving a presentation on the Perth to Sydney marathon.

This marathon will have meets in each state to cheer Green Theme ( a Tesla Model 3 Performance )  on and we hope to see AEVA members taking a big role in the event. 

TOCEVA Green Theme will be traveling 5700km on 50% gravel roads from 28 October in Perth to the 6 Nov in Sydney. 

Please join us for more information about the race and Green Theme's participation in it!

Zoom invite:



Ant Day









Antony Day
Secretary, WA Branch, Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
Email: secretary@wa.aeva.asn.au

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