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Western Australia branch

Welcome to the WA Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association!

Our chapter has over 100 financial members of the Association and is arguably the most active branches in the country.  Perth and the greater southwest seems a logical home for electric propulsion - the vast majority of the population resides in a metropolitan area, distances to and from work are well under 80 km, the sun shines brightly on your solar panels, and when it isn't sunny it's typically blowing a gale.

We host a few events throughout the year and attend many more community fairs and markets.  Our signature event is the Electrikhana, held every March.  The WA branch of AEVA has plenty of experience and friendly advice on all manner of electric transport - whether it be e-bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, utes, boats or even flying machines; we have you covered.  We can assist with the design and construction of your own electric car or motorbike, or provide no-jargon advice on selecting a production EV.

We meet every second Tuesday of the month.  We host the meetings at one of two locations - Curtin University Physical Sciences Building, Bentley, or the University of Western Australia Electrical Engineering Building.  

Meet the Perth branch committee for 2017-18:

Richard Baird (Chair)

Antony Day (Secretary)

Bruce Armstrong (Treasurer)

Chris Jones (Vice Chair)

We also have the following committee members for the next year - 

Mitch Bisby (Events coordinator)

Chris Jones (Media and Advocacy)

Joseph Law, Mark Puzey, Chris Paull and Glenn Elliott

We hope to see you at a meeting soon!