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Tritium Pty Ltd (Coorparoo, QLD)

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Tritium is founded on a passion for innovative power electronic systems

This interest was first nurtured within the SunShark (University of Queensland) solar car racing team.  The World Solar Challenge event has attracted many of the world’s premier car makers with multi-million dollar budgets competing alongside university and independent teams. To maintain its position amongst such an esteemed field of competitors, the SunShark ‘99 project was necessarily ambitious. In the space of two years almost every part of the car was redesigned to be lighter, more efficient, or take advantage of new component technology. SunShark demonstrated how smart innovative ideas and good management can defeat big budgets. A year later, David, James and Paul founded Tritium to commercialise the unique know-how they had gained through solar car racing.

Since then, Tritium has continued to build on this legacy – developing a product portfolio of world-leading technologies that have been used in numerous solar car, electric vehicle and renewable energy projects globally. This shared passion for great design, innovative power electronic systems and sustainability has continued to grow with our team.

Tritium manufactures and markets the Vefill DC fast charger for electric cars, the Wavesculptor inverter and IQ battery management systems.


Phone: (07) 3129 4389

Address: 16 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151


Tritium are proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership.