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Synergy (Perth, WA)

Synergy is Western Australia’s largest electricity generator and retailer of gas and electricity with more than one million residential, business and industry customers.

Like other electricity utilities throughout the world, Synergy’s business model is changing to meet its customers’ expectations. Examples of how this is already underway are SolarReturn, Synergy’s new residential and commercial PV products, and the planned launch of a residential battery product in early 2017.

Electric vehicles provide numerous advantages to car owners and to society more broadly, including reduced vehicle operating and maintenance costs, the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality. For the electricity sector, they offer the opportunity to increase the efficiency of the electricity network (if charging occurs during off-peak times), and for Synergy they provide opportunity to offer new products and services to our customers.

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Synergy is a corporate member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and looks forward to working with AEVA to achieve common goals.