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Svelto Bikes (Bentley, WA)

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As a local business with a passion for renewable energy we had a mission to see less cars on Perth roads. Electric bikes can be seen as a definite answer to Perth’s congested roads. 

​We are part of The Galactic Cooperative and Svelto Bikes is our quality Australian made E bike.

Our commuter electric bike has a 25 year design philosophy! We only make or use components that we believe will last 25 years. Excluding consumables like tyres, brakes and battery. What makes us credible and sustainable? Our sustainability focus starts with the idea that an electric bike is a viable alternative to a second car. More than that though, a well designed and manufactured electric bike, suited to Australia’s climate and urban makeup is a sustainable alternative to a single occupant fossil fuelled car. It’s even more than that though, our bikes are designed to last longer than any other electric bike on the market, and in some cases will outlive most other motorised items as well. We’ll train you to ride and look after your bike, we’ll service your bike and maintain a relationship with you for the life of your bike. It’s all part of our commitment to the environmental, social and economic well being of our planet and it’s inhabitants.

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Svelto bikes are proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership!