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Sugg: Make "Forums" button go to same page as does

We don't know if you had to do or undo something,
in order for us to be able to get a new password,
but - after several attempts - we finally got one.,

Might have been the point in the web site, from
which we requested it?

I note that cliking on Forums link gets one to a
page that gives a link to

Does it seem hard to make a clink on Forums
go directly to that link...?

Also, how to increase font sizes, so we can
leave our magnifying glass in our desk drawers?


PS Finally - now that we're logged-on - why not
inhibit the post-by-post Capcha challenge.
The current level of arbitrary, repetitive Capcha
security checking seems unduly inconvenient,
especially since we're accessing this site from
home or work office, to which (in each case)
we have sole access.


Hello Anonymous,

The forums and the "local forums" are different and are runing on different systems and have different logins - you can be registered with one and not the other.  Therefore, please check and make certain of which system you are viewing/logged in to.  If you had access to the forums in the past, there is no reason why you should not have access now.

The forums are not free - they cost AEVA money, money that comes out of the dues that members pay.  The $40 is not a payment to have access to the forums, but the annual membership amount.

As far as CAPTCHA is concerned, this has to do with the web site, which is still in some development.  The current aim is to only provide members with registration to the site.  Members provide contact information and are willing to commit to the organisation.  Allowing others on will also bring along hackers and spammers and will cause extra work for those who freely give their time to AEVA.