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Strategic Economic Solutions (O'Connor, ACT)

Strategic Economic Solutions

Strategic Economic Solutions is a Canberra based economic consulting company that undertakes a broad range of economic analytical projects around Australia with a special focus on small business development and labour market analysis.

What we do

We develop and manage projects to provide up-to-date, targeted, quality information that supports our clients in making strategic decisions in their drive for sustainable regional economic solutions. Our motivation is a desire to help support the development of economically viable and vibrant communities.

We like to work with groups and organisations which have a local or regional development focus such as community groups; councils; Area Consultative Committees; regional development bodies; and state, territory and federal business and economic development program users.

Why we do it

We are in this business because we want to make a difference. We want to support communities in making important decisions about their economic development. We want to help communities understand the tools of economic research, understand the jargon and what lies behind it, and use the tools for their own ends.

We want to use our experience and skills to provide accurate and timely information, in a practical, clear and understandable manner, to effectively support the decision making process.

Our experiences repeatedly show that regional action can and does make a big difference – active communities are helping themselves, without waiting for government to fix things for them.

Active communities use whatever resources they can get their hands on, and we are here to help them build their arguments and shape their needs to get the resources they want. We want to help communities to use the tools of applied economics to strengthen their arguments and their bargaining power.

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Strategic Economic Solutions is proud to support the Australian Electric Vehicle Association through corporate membership!