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Karl, why $40 to become forum member?

I've never before been asked to pay to join the AEVA's Forum community.

After finding our Forum login details Not Working, &
that the Forum system wouldn't send us a new password,
we were about to create a new user name...

but that link only gets one to Join (with a choice of 3 annual membership fees).

I consider this quite a change, indeed.

Again, I ask: Why the change to Pay2Post?

Also, when was this new PayWall established?

PS I had some info on Prius' to post & that's impossible at the moment.



The AU$40 is the cost of annual subscription to The Australian Electric Vehicle Association, a volunteer organisation which promoted EVs in Australia, and supports people interested in them with events, branches, activities, web sites and forums.

Why would you not want to be part of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association if you are interested in EVs?

Why would you not want to show your support for EVs in Australia by becoming a member?