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Hydro Tasmania (Hobart, TAS)

We believe in the power of natural thinking.

Since our first hydropower development a century ago, Hydro Tasmania has been a leader in renewable energy development and is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy. Today, we use a combination of water and wind power to harness natural energy that we sell on the national grid. Our company also owns Momentum Energy, our electricity retailer that specialises in providing quality products and services to customers in Australia. Our international consulting business, Entura offers expert power engineering, renewable energy, water and environmental solutions locally, nationally and internationally.

Celebrating 100 years

Hydro Tasmania turned 100 in 2014. This significant milestone for all Tasmanians was worth recognising and celebrating. Our history goes well beyond the corporate story and is part of the living memory of thousands of workers and their families. The people who built Tasmania's world-famous hydropower system were the focus of our celebrations. We continue to invite people with a connection to Hydro Tasmania to share their stories and photos with us. Share your story at

Hydro Tasmania at a glance

  • Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy business. We generate hydropower and wind power in Tasmania and trade electricity and energy-related environmental products (such as Renewable Energy Certificates) in the Australian market.
  • Hydro Tasmania is the largest water manager in Australia.
  • We own and operate an advance hybrid power system on King Island. It uses wind, solar, diesel and innovative energy enabling technologies to maximise renewable energy use. It's a good example of innovative use of combined renewable technologies.
  • Hydro Tasmania is also involved in several joint ventures.
  • We’re owned by the Government of Tasmania and currently employ over 1100 people. We have assets worth around $5 billion.

Our consulting business, Entura delivers clever solutions in water and energy to clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Our electricity retailer, Momentum Energy, is a leading supplier of electricity and gas solutions to business customers and residential markets across Australia, providing competitive rates and quality sustainable products and services.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information about Hydro Tasmania or any of our businesses, please contact us on the details below:

Phone: 1300 360 441


Visit: 4 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, TAS 7000

Hydro Tasmania is proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership!