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EV-Power Pty Ltd (Margaret River, WA)

EV Power Australia Pty Ltd specializes in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and DC PMAC electric motors. Applications include electric vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, renewable power systems and industrial backup power systems.

EV Power:

  • Maintains a webstore for direct sales of battery and motor components.
  • Designs and manufactures Lithium battery management systems.
  • Manufactures a range of LiFePO4 battery packs. EV PowerPak.
  • Engineers custom battery and/or electric motor solutions for clients.
  • Warehouse is located close to main transport hubs in Perth WA.
  • Ships battery and motor components Australia wide via economical road and rail.

We operate with the motto "Technology in Harmony with Nature." Batteries, renewable energy and electric transportation represent ways of using technology to minimize the impact of humans on the environment but still maintain a high standard of living.
EV Power was formed in March 2007 and is the first business in Australia selling large format LiFePO4 batteries (Thundersky).

Business partners include:

  • Sevcon electric motor controllers
  • Zejiang GBS battery Co.
  • China Aviation Lithium Battery (CALB)
  • Motenergy PMAC electric motors

Clients for batteries and motors include:

  • University of WA
  • Main Roads WA
  • Water Infrastructure Group
  • Cubic Defense Australia
  • Essential Energy (Origin Energy)
  • Bureau of Meterology
  • Curtin University
  • The Golf Cart Group
  • Magellan Power

Since the beginning EV Power has worked to build a reputation for innovation, reliability and safety. Safety is paramount to our product range which is why we use safe LiFePO4 batteries and developed the worlds simplest failsafe battery management system (BMS). It can often be seen that we innovate ahead of others in our market niche.

EV-Power is proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership