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Electro Aero (Jandakot, WA)




Electro Aero is an electric aviation company based in Perth, Western Australia.  Our mission is to safely propel sustainable aviation. We are on the cusp of a revolution in aviation, where electric will replace gasoline. It has already happened with model aircraft and small drones. We are driving change by operating and selling electric aircraft, designing and building electric powerplants, working with the regulators to develop new rules, and working with other companies who are pushing the envelope to revolutionise an entire industry. 

Electro Aero recently purchased a Pipistrel Alpha electric two-seater which is now in service, offering 45 minute instructional flights.  You can book a flight in the electric Pipistrel here:

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To learn more about Electro Aero, and what we do, please visit our website: or check out our You-Tube channel:

Electro Aero is proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership!