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Can we create an electric car in Australia
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Charles Dalglish
New Car

Yes we can make a new electric car in Australia. It might initially appear crude but must be very light weight and very efficient, and probably only a 2 seater.

New Australian made EV

With the close of manufacturing plants and loss of jobs for engineers, designers and so on.

It should be possible to bring this expertise together to create our own built and engineered unit.

Makes sense?

Hi Kenny,

Hi Kenny,

It is certainly physically possible to create electric vehicles in Australia including cars. We certainly have the expertise, and the infrastructure and manufacturing can be set up in Australia, the question is what type of vehicles can be produced in todays economic environment that is dominated by big oil.

I think the change will be more gradual, starting with more hybrid technology than full electric as the current market reflects. It is near impossible to shut one industry down and change it within a few years. It will be a combination of consumer demand and the will of those who produce vehicles, and governments that get a lot of revenue from the current industry including sales of fuel. And also subsidize the current industry along with big oil. 

There are a few small manufactures of electric vehicles emerging, but they are generally self funded (not backed by government) and vehicles are small with limited range compared to fuel, which is ok for 95% of the time for most people. They are also dearer to buy, which will make for a limited market initially until consumer demand increases.

It makes sense to produce electric vehicles now and into the future, and as time goes by I believe that change will eventually become inevitable (if we produce them in Australia or not) unless oil becomes dirt cheap again, which I think is unlikely.