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AEVA at Summernats 2013

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AEVA had a strong presence at the 26th Summernats in 2013. With record crowds coming to watch the burnouts, many took the time to visit our display. With a combination of Electric Vehicles and a video display, we captured a wide and interested audience. Many stayed for a while asking engaging questions. Those representing AEVA were on their feet, fielding lots of questions from the crowds. Our display consisted of four Electric Vehicles:

* a Daihatsu Charade which one of our members, Peter Campbell, converted to Electric several years ago, which is road registered and is used as his daily driver.

* Scrappy - the Electric Dirt Bike which was converted by Phil and Amanda Carlson. This is a recreational Electric Vehicle with plenty of low end torque and has been known to do burnouts that rips up tar.

* Al Bunzel's Dual Motor Electric Go Kart. This go kart uses modified starter motors as its traction motors and accelerates much faster than a petrol powered go kart.

* Elmo - an Electric Mini Moke which Mark Hemmingsen from CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) brought along.

Phil Carlson prepared a collection of burnout videos which was played on top of Elmo. With our electric vehicles being on static display, the videos were vital in adding a dynamic dimension of what Electric Vehicles are really capable of doing. The videos pulled in huge crowds, especially amongst those who had no intention of looking at Electric Vehicles. There were also a number of people who asked us if we could convert their cars to Electric, whilst others were interested in learning how to do Electric Car Conversions. There was even a person who wanted to buy Peter Campbell's Electric Conversion book that was on the display table.

Others who arrived in mobility scooters were interested in having us hot up their rides. There were a number of mechanics and auto electricians who visited as they were starting to deal with hybrid cars. Many people were interested in the technical details, especially what parts were used in the vehicles, the batteries used, how long the vehicles could drive for between charges, how long it took to charge and how fast it could go. A few people had done EV conversions in the past and it was a good opportunity to exchange notes.

Our presence at Summernats gave a lot of people an idea of what Electric Vehicles are capable of doing, what is involved in an EV conversion and it sparked a lot of interest in Electric Vehicles.

The next step forward would be to have Electric Vehicles in action. This includes having an EV that is doing laps at future Summernats events, putting an EV on the dyno so people can see the enormous torque and power characteristics and entering them at burnout competitions.

Al Bunzel (

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