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2017 National AEVA AGM & Expo - Devonport

Devonport Motor Show

Devonport - site of the major National AEVA event of 2017

Devonport is a beautiful small city in the north of Tasmania, just 10km drive* from Melbourne CBD. 

The traffic is light, the roads are fun to drive and bordered by rolling green paddocks with mountain views. Tasmania's electricity is from almost 100% renewable sources - your car will thank you for it!  We are planning many activities to entice people to fly or drive from all over Australia.  Bring your EV and make this a once in a lifetime holiday!

Photo by Dennis Harding

We'll be putting on an electric vehicle conference, public show and our signature event, the Cradle Mountain Charge.  Running from Thursday the 9th to Sunday the 12th of November, see our dedicated website for all the details:

*come on - you knew I meant via the ferry!

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Looks fantastic. Beautiful clean green Tasmania with beautiful clean green EVs. Can hardly wait.